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Board Series – Gettin’ closer

was able to work on this earlier in the week and decided to take it in a different direction (previous background below). there are a few more details i need to add, but it’ll have to wait until I’m not dying from the flu.

Silverlake Lounge Flyer – Done

Got the rest of the info in, and this thing is ready to go!

The New Room at Silverlake Lounge

Flyer in the works. A few more details needed, but it’s close…

New Board Series

Another fun project in the works! Started this board series a while ago for a good friend from way back, but had to shelve it until other projects eased up. After reopening the files – I decided to revisit & rework the background elements on each board. Hoping to finish these in the next few weeks…


New [Room] T-Shirt!

A run of t-shirts in the works for The New Room!  Design based on their latest LP, Only World We Know. Check out the album art →

Who’s number first?

Another 1 hour project. There’s something about big asterisks that make everything awesome.


Mickey Rourke is already an icon, but now he’s even more iconic!

Grade A

Just for the fun of it – I give myself 1 hour and see what I can turn out. Not too much to read into on this one, it just came together.

The Limits

Put some music on and cranked this out in an hour. Not for anything in particular – just for fun…

Sometimes, a sharpie is all you need

A scanner and photoshop help too.